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Quintology: Zachary Quinto Fandom Portal » (archived)

20 Jan 2010 – May 2011

Traffic: Unknown

Design: CSS

Programming: PHP

External Software: Magpie RSS, Yahoo!Pipes

Graphics: Adobe Photoshop CS3

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Quintology was a really lightweight website, built after an instant message conversation with a friend – where I'd remarked that 'Quintology' would be a brilliant name for a Zachary Quinto fansite. "Do it!" she said, and so I did, and launched the site three days later.

It was a feed aggregator for the fandom that grabbed updates from various ZQ fansites, communities and YouTube (until they stopped letting people do that), compiling it, and standardising the content formatting into one convenient feed.

For that, I had to manage and transform dynamic RSS information for the first time, which was complicated but eventually rewarding. I made use of a third-party RSS parser, Magpie RSS, as well as Yahoo!Pipes. The site ran fine until the feed-parser spontaneously stopped working in May 2011 due to server-side changes outside of my control.

I keep a cached version of the site up in a WINM directory.