Rolling Stone (US), 20 April 1989

Solid, Dude


Photographs by Stephen Klein

KEANU REEVES: The film River's Edge - in which his laid-back performance provided a calm counterpoint to Crispin Glover's histrionics - shot Keanu Reeves into stardom's ranks. The twenty-four-year-old Canadian, who inherited his exotic looks and unusual name from his Hawaiian father, plays a French nobleman in Stephen Frear's Dangerous Liaisons and will soon appear in Lawrence Kasdan's I Love You to Death. Now starring in the goofy megahit Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, Reeves would rather be motorcycling.


This page: Gray polyester three-button jacket, $775, white cotton shirt, $319, and black wool trousers, $420, all by Issey Miyake. Black leather bluchers, $200, by Allen-Edmonds. Opposite page: Black wool tuxedo jacket with fringe, $1570, and bolo tie with brass-pleated cross, $165, by Jean-Paul Gaultier at Charivari. Deep-red cotton shirt, $210, by Romeo Gigli. Hair, these pages, by Patrick Melville for Pipino-Buccheri; grooming by Cohl for Pipino-Buccheri.


Opposite page: Navy wool blazer with frog clossure, $780, by Comme des Garcons Homme Plus by Rei Kawakubo. Green cotton shirt with tie collar, $140, by Comme des Garcons Shirt by Rei Kawakubo. This page: Black wool tuxedo jacket with fringe, $1570, gold wool trousers, $570, and black straw cowboy hat, $80, all by Jean-Paul Gaultier at Charivari. Deep-red cotton shirt, $210, by Romeo Gigli.


Pale-yellow linen two-button jacket, $119, and matching trousers, $56, by Benetton. Black silk T-shirt, $95, by Go Silk. Tobacco alligator belt, $295, by Trafalgar. Sunglasses, Reeves's own. Grooming: Anti-Humectant Shine Rejuvenating Pomade by Aveda.


Black cotton shirt with rickrack and stitching on cuffs, collar and placket, $230, by Moschino. Black metal round-frame sunglasses, $475, by Alan Mikli.



River's Edge , Dangerous Liaisons , I Love You to Death , Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure


Anakin McFly
now that I'm over the OMG 1989 ARTICLE freak out, (2011-11-01 00:28:33)

...those are some expensive clothes.

I found this article when doing a Google image search on some other Keanu-related thing. Still can't believe my luck. :D

Guest (2011-11-01 04:32:31)
 Great! now I know where those photos came from
prices (2011-11-01 06:06:58)
 and those prices are 22 years ago. The rag trade is totally nonsensical.
Earrings! (2011-11-01 15:04:50)
 Lookie! He's wearing EARRINGS! Wow.

I wonder when he stopped earringing himself. Can anyone recall having seen him wear any in his early movies? He probably now regrets having had his ears pierced. Then again, maybe not. Our Man is nothing if not inscrutable.

I'm picturing young Keanu having a girlfriend help him do the piercing, using a needle sterilised with a lighter. I'm also picturing him buying earrings, debating with his gf about which would look better. And imagine his big hands fiddling with those small things while putting them in.

Oh, young Keanu -- you were so young. And oh, adult Keanu -- you're still so young. Only with significantly fewer earrings.

earrings (2011-11-01 19:10:00)
 I remember he wear earrings in "permanent record".
I'm not sure about prince of pennsylvania because the earring if it was, it was uder the long-side of his emo-hair-cut...

Ink,don't forget the icecube used as anesthetic. :)

(2011-11-02 06:39:38)
 oh i thought it would be inappropriate of me if i swoon over the pics under the article :D i just cant get over these pics , the earnings the shades , and his finger on it .. 22 years ago ?? oh boy
Earrings, and shades, oh my (2011-11-02 06:51:17)
 If you look really closely at Neo in the Matrix, you can still see his ear piercings. I wonder if he let them close up?

I love him in dark sunglasses. A nice foreshadowing of Neo, don't you think?

@Gila, I like your avatar picture. It's beautiful!

earring vs. teeth (2011-11-03 21:54:18)
 I can't help but be impressed with all the metal in his mouth ;-D
Metal Dude (2011-11-04 01:02:04)
 I too noticed all the fillings. I sure hope he's since had them replaced by white, non-amalgam fillings.
Metal Dude , that is ! (2011-11-04 08:13:23)
 well yeah all the fillings are there , its impossible to ignore :D . all metal

@BlueGem : thank you :).. surely i like your Avatar too ..haha.. and I agree , a sense of Neo is there with those shades

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