Girlfriend (Aus), July 1989

An Actor Called Keanu Reeves

This is Keanu Reeves, a man you're likely to remember for a long time. His unusual Hawaiian name and his handsome face are likely to stick in your mind. But he has something else...talent. Yes, this 24-year-old actor can really act. If he looks vaguely familiar it could be because you've seen him playing the romantic, 19th Century music teacher opposite Glenn Close in Dangerous Liaisons or because you've spotted him as Crispin Glover's laidback friend in River's Edge.

He was born and brought up in Canada and he says, "I failed miserably at school, and then one day when I was 15 I said to my Mum, 'Is it alright if I become an actor?'" she said yes and he hasn't looked back since. After dropping out of New York's Performing Arts High School he began his career in commercials for Coca Cola and Cornflakes. His first Hollywood break came when he got a part in a Disney TV movie. He says: "When I got that I thought, right, I'm going to get in my car, pick up my girlfriend and drive to L.A. So I arrived in Hollywood with $3000, a girlfriend and a Volvo." He has doubled his money several times over, but the girlfriend and the Volvo were disposed of long ago. He says, "I don't want that much luggage right now, man." Charming!

Look out for Keanu in two films, The Prince of Pennsylvania and Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, which are scheduled for release soon. We'll keep you posted.



Dangerous Liaisons , River's Edge , Coca-Cola Commercial , Kellogg's Corn Flakes Commercial , Young Again , Prince of Pennsylvania, The , Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

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