Star Magazine (US), February 26, 1991

Bill & Ted's Adventure shocker: Star collapses after using 'mystery' substance

by Maria Falk

Doctors saved the life of offbeat actor Keanu Reeves after he was found unconscious in his dressing room trailer on the set of Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure II.

A source told STAR that 26year-old Reeves suffered a reaction to "some kind of substance use" on Feb. 6 while working at a movie studio in Santa Clarita, Calif.

"Keanu was rushed to a local hospital where doctors saved his life," says the source. "Everyone on the crew had been worried about him because of his strange, withdrawn behavior.

"Until he was found slumped over in his trailer, they didn't know that he was having a serious problem. It's all being kept pretty quiet."

A nurse at Henry Mayo Hospital, only blocks from the Santa Clarita Studios, confirmed to STAR that Reeves had been admitted and was in a second floor private room.

A day after the incident, STAR put a call through to Reeves' room. The actor said: "I just have an infection in my arm, it's not too bad. I've been responding well to antibiotics they've fed intraveneously.

"I feel like I'm (Richard) Dreyfuss in that movie Whose Life Is It Anyway? when he was lying in the hospital bed," Reeves added. "I should be getting paid for this."

Reeves had been at work on the Orion Pictures film sequel since shooting began Jan. 7.

"We'll be lucky if we can continue this thing in six days," a set insider revealed. "Reeves was in bad shape. At this point we're trying to work around him, but that's tough because he's the star."

A representative for Nelson Entertainment, which is making the movie, refused to discuss the incident.

Reeves has talked about his drug abuse in the past. "Everybody says drugs are a symptom of something else," he's said, "but drugs are just 'drugs' to the people who do them."


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