Teen Machine (Aus), June 1991

Is It True Keanu Doesn't Bathe?

These Answers And More As You Join TM's Excellent Adventure

We went on a non-bogus journey and gathered the most-asked questions about Keanu Reeves in our quest to tell you all. What you read may shock you, but if you're like us, the cuckoo facts about Keanu Reeves will only make you love him more.

What is Keanu's nationality?
His dad is Chinese-American, his mom is English. What does that make him? Cool looking. As he said, "I don't look like a classic North American."

How old is Keanu Reeves? And, are you his cosmic mate?
Born September 2, 1964, that would make him 26, almost 27 when this magazine comes out. For all you astrology slaves, he's a Virgo, which means - according to the 1991 Cosmo Girl's Bedside Astrologer - he's a clear-eyed realist with a gift for analysis, and a secret romantic whose best features are gleaming white teeth and slender ankles (?). Best astrological love match: Capricorn.

This guy was born someplace weird, right?
Well, the Lebanese might be offended by that, but yes, he was born someplace weird. Beirut, Lebanon, to be precise. We're not sure what his mom was doing there.

Ok, so he's Chinese/Hawaiian/English, born in Lebanon... so where did he grow up, like, Bora Bora?
Actually he was raised in that neat city in Ontario, Canada, that begins with a "T" and where "you can actually go shopping 14 city blocks underground. You can buy Lotto tickets every five hundred feet." Gotta be Toronto.

How and why did he get into acting?
He enrolled in a night school drama class in Toronto at age seventeen "just because it seemed like the right thing to do." From then on he had a mission. "The best part about being an actor is acting, what else is there?"

At age 26, why does Keanu play characters who are always, like teenagers?
"I can't even act my age, how am I going to play my age?"

What are his thoughts on love?
"Love's an easy emotion, man. It's easy to love people."

What are his thoughts on... crying?
"I don't cry much in real life. But I kind of like to suffer. People don't respect artists who don't suffer."

He dropped out of high school after unsuccessfully repeating senior year and flunked gym... true?
Yeah, so? He reads works by philosophers, physicists, classic novelists. He's still the kind of guy who hunts down knowledge and kills it. He knows as humans we only use one-tenth of our brains. He is a dedicated actor, is quite fetching and is, if you ask us, much cooler than Johnny Depp. What does he need a diploma for? (Sorry, we Keanu fans get a little carried away... )

How does Keanu feel about fan mail - does he feel pressured by fans?
"Yes. Very bizarre, sometimes it's fun. Most of the fan mail I get makes me cry, though. Occasionally I get letters that are so amazingly beautiful and sincere, and I know that I've moved someone and that totally makes me feel [really] amazing. I totally write them back and go, 'Here man, thank you, thank you.' Other times I just don't deal with it at all."

What does he think of his Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey character, "Ted?"
"...he's a child of nature, someone who is almost on idiot savant - except that he's not that smart, but he's pure and good. He's got a good soul, he doesn't judge anyone."

Is it true that Keanu Reeves only bathes once or twice a week?
That's what we read. When asked: What is the biggest misconception about you? He said, "that I'm clean." Yep, all of the truly interesting boys don't bathe: Keanu, Donnie...

What was Keanu's first role?
"I was in summer camp and I was in the chorus of Damn Yankees. I think I was nine. That was my first dramatic role."

Why did the 21-year-old Keanu move to Los Angeles from Toronto?
"I was at a point where I had done the most I could do in Toronto. I was tired of playing best friend, thug number one and the tall guy. I read for a Disney movie of the week called Young Again. No one liked me but the director. He hooked me up with [the agent] Holly Gottlieb at ICM. I flew out to meet her and eventually got my green card. I got into my dumpy 1969 Volvo and drove here with three thousand dollars. I stayed at my stepfather's and proceeded to go into the darkness - the darkness that is L.A."

Why does Keanu choose the roles that he does - what is he looking for in a script?
"I want to be enlightened... I don't know, just interesting stories, interesting people, character development, ideas being posed, clash/conflicts, hate, love, war, death, success, fame, failure, redemption, salvation, death, hell, sin, good food, bad food, smells nice, colors..." That's it?...

What does he do with his money?
"I used to live my life out of a basket. I had this killer Kellogs commercial once, made tons of money, and I cashed the check and put all the cash in a basket. I'd get a residual check and I'd go to the bank and say, 'I'd like to cash this check for four thousand dollars,' and they'd ask me if I wanted to open up an account with them. I'd say, 'No, just give me my money,' and I'd live my life out of the basket. Then things got more complicated, I bail. Now, I've hired accountants and I pay careful attention... kind of. I'm still sort of delinquent about that. I've learned from acting that simple things grow strong. Yeah, I'm trying to keep my life simple. I'm basically a rudimentary fellow."


Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey , Young Again , Kellogg's Corn Flakes Commercial


Guestkeenu and ted (2012-03-03 04:51:46)
 their total opposites ted is love and good and keenu is hate and mean and vicious with a hidden agenda behida his lettle nice friendly act ..he doesnn't bathe ..all the COOL guys don't bath what a fricking hypocite
Anakin McFly
(2012-03-03 12:10:40)


Assuming you meant 'guy', that's a good thing. Nelson Moss is a prick.

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