Star Magazine (US), July 30, 1991

KEANU REEVES: I'm a goof who can't stop living dangerously

THAT "teenage" acting dude Keanu Reeves is finally acting his age on screen. But in real life, the 26-year-old hellraiser is still behaving like a wild child.

"I was once described as offbeat and kooky," Reeves says. "That's how I describe myself - I'm a goof."

Keanu, the star of the 1989 surprise hit flick Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, admitted he sometimes drinks beer for breakfast and zips around Hollywood on his motorcycle at breakneck speeds.

And earlier this year he was rushed to the hospital after being found unconscious. A source said Keanu suffered a reaction to "some kind of substance use."

The lanky actor with the floppy hair has played troubled youngsters in films such as Parenthood, I Love you to Death and River's Edge. Now he has an adult role, playing an FBI agent, in Patrick Swayze's summer surfer film Point Break.

"I didn't want to play boys the rest of my life," says Keanu. "That would be very depressing."

Off screen, however, the geeky-looking star is still very much an out-of-control boy.

Keanu (pronounced Key-AH-noo), Whose first name is Hawaiian for "cool breeze over the mountains," is said to have acted anything but cool earlier this year while filming an Excellent sequel entitled Bill and Ted's Bogus Adventure.

He was rushed to the hospital after he passed out in his dressing room, says the source. After doctors revived him, Keanu claimed his medical trouble was simply a severe infection in his arm.

But earlier, the source says, the crew worried about Reeves' "strange, withdrawn behavior."

Keanu, has said about drugs: "Everybody says drugs are a symptom of something else, but drugs are just 'drugs' to people who do them."

Despite his desire to leave his boyish image behind, he agreed to play obnoxious teen Ted one last time in the Excellent sequel. "I owe it to the film's fans," he says. "I'm still most recognized for my performance in Excellent Adventure. Kids still come up to me and say, 'Dude.'"

Keanu has had difficulty competing against Brat Pack hunks for leading-man roles because, he admits, he can appear immature. He often peppers his conversation with hip phrases such as "really trippy" or words like "weird," "gnarly," "heavy" and "radical."

Revealing that he never went to college, he brags: "I'm completely culturally illiterate."


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