Toronto Sun (Ca), August 1, 1991

On Music

Ted's Bogus Video

by John Sakamoto

Keanu Reeves doesn't think much of music videos, even when he's in them.

After meeting the busy actor at a charity event, all-singing, all-dancing whirlwind Paula Abdul asked Reeves to star in her Rush Rush video.

"The director and producer had an idea to base it on (James Dean's) Rebel Without A Cause," Reeves said recently in Hollywood, where he was plugging Bill & Ted 2.

"We put all this effort into creating this 'film' aspect, but it's like impact with no content.

"It's assuming you'll have a response to something without going through anything to get it."

Rush Rush isn't Keanu's first shot at video stardom. One of his favorite bands, Sonic Youth, asked him to make an appearance in one of their clips, "but I didn't feel cool enough, so I said no."

But he did feel cool enough for a Paula Abdul video, is that it?

"Yeah," he said, sheepishly, "but then I saw snatches of it and I thought, Wow, man, you're not even cool enough, for that. I guess I'll stick to movies."

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