Star Magazine (US), August 6, 1991

Paula Abdul swaps partners again - and movie sensation Keanu's the latest lucky guy

by Jennifer Pearson

PAULA ABDUL has a new man in her life - actor Keanu Reeves, who currently stars in Point Break and Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey.

Paula, 29 - who's been linked with Full House star John Stamos, country star Clint Black and most recently with a member of Clint's band, Youngblood - convinced Keanu, 26, to appear in her newest music video, Rush Rush. They've been close pals ever since.

"Paula met Keanu at a party a few months ago," says a friend. "She went up to him but was too shy to ask him out, so instead she asked him to be in her video. He was very upbeat. He said, 'Yeah, cool.'

"Paula always thought he was boyishly cute and hysterically funny," the friend adds.

"He's a little kooky, but she's charmed by his California slang. Some of her friends think Keanu is just 'the pick of the week' but Paula truly adores him. They enjoy each other's company.

"Keanu spends a lot of time at Paula's house. They go out to dinner, watch movies or just hang out by Paula's pool.

"She loves his carefree attitude. It lets her be in charge of her own life," the friend says.

"It's OK if they don't see each other for a couple of days. It just makes their next meeting more exciting. Let's face it, they're not talking marriage. They're just taking it one day at a time."

Keanu and Paula are "just friends," says an assistant to Eliot Sekuler, Paula's publicist. Keanu's publicist, Karen Samfilippo, hasn't returned STAR's calls.

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GuestKEANU THE WOMANIZER (2012-03-03 05:00:27)
 ladies keanu reeves isn't intersted in a word you say if your not "beautiful" he could careless if your homeless ..disabled crpled anything -he only likes "beautiful" people he is soooo shallow he has no beauty on the inside thou -right now he's seeing 5 14 year old moldels and pregnanting them ..HELLO statury rape ..lock up your daughters!!!!!
Anakin McFly
(2012-03-03 12:21:10)

1. Who are you?
2. What is your objective in leaving these comments here? If you have no proof to back them up, it can constitute libel.
3. It's not just 'ladies' who frequent this site.
4. Most of us, ladies or otherwise, have no intention to meet Keanu and are satisfied enjoying his work and what we know of his public image. That's good enough for us. Why does this bother you?
5. A trigger warning for rape would be nice.
6. And if you truly believe in what you say, why are you doing so anonymously?
just a very sad and unfortunate (2012-03-03 13:10:36)
 "guest". I see no reason not to delete that post as I am sure that "guest" will have regrets about such foolishness sooner or later.
GuestKeanu is John Wick (2018-01-15 09:57:14)
 It's 2017 and I just read this article which seems like it was written for somebody with a 6th grade education. Please read this article again its ridiculous!
GuestKeanu (2018-01-15 10:00:14)
 Please fly to Westfield Massachusetts and blow my hog. Thanks
Anakin McFly
(2018-01-15 12:55:02)

It’s a tabloid magazine. They’re not exactly known for being literary masterpieces.
GuestGuest Keanu (2018-01-28 11:27:43)
 Have you ever thought that Keanu could be leaving obscene comments to screw around? I wouldn't put it past him.
Anakin McFly
(2018-01-28 18:19:27)

I’m pretty sure he has better things to do with his time.
GuestYour programmed (2018-01-29 04:48:48)
 to believe that. I mean, how outrageous would that be if he did.

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