Toronto Sun (Ca), September 4, 1991

Stars cancel visits

by Bruce Kirkland

The stars are falling out of the Festival of Festivals. Yesterday, Keanu Reeves and Emily Lloyd both reversed earlier promises to attend screenings of their new films.

Reeves, who grew up in Toronto, had been set for the gala presentation of his new film, My Own Private Idaho.

An official from Fine Line Features of New York, the Idaho production house, said Reeves was obliged to go into rehearsals with Winona Ryder for Francis Ford Coppola's new film version of Dracula.

Lloyd, one of the stars of the special presentation of Scorchers dropped out because of immigration problems, a source said. If Lloyd, who is English, left the United States she might not be able to return immediately, according to the source.

Director Gus Van Sant and Reeves' co-star River Phoenix are still expected at the Festival for My Own Private Idaho. Jennifer Tilly and director David Beaird are still confirmed for Scorchers.


My Own Private Idaho , Bram Stoker's Dracula

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