Star Magazine (US), September 17, 1991

Party on, dude

Point Break hunk is a wild boozer headed for burnout, say pals

Fast-living Keanu Reeves is a boozing hell-raiser who's on a collision course with disaster, friends fear.

Keanu, 27, who starred in Point Break with Patrick Swayze and the Bill and Ted movies - Excellent Adventure and Bogus Adventure - once bragged to a pal that he drove his motorcycle at 130 mph with the lights off, "ripped out of my mind."

He's been involved in two serious crashes that badly scarred his body. He explained one accident that hospitalized him for weeks with the casual remark: "I ran into a mountain."

"Keanu enjoys the wild side of life," says a source close to the star. "He hangs out with some of the younger Hollywood crowd who think it's cool to party all night long. He believes that if partying doesn't interfere with his work, he doesn't have a problem. "Everyone around him, though, says there is a problem."


Point Break , Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure , Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey

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