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Take An Excellent Ride Through Time On Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey

Bogus, dudes! Bill and Ted are back for yet another excellent adventure! Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey, the sequel to Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, reunites buddies Bill (Alex Winter) and Ted (Keanu Reeves) in the year 2691 A.D. In case you most heinously forgot, on their last journey, these excellent guys traveled through time and met lots of old, dead dudes and dudettes whose names one is forced to remember on history tests.

This time around, Bill and Ted (who are now themselves old, dead dudes!) are called upon to stop the evil rebel leader De Nomolos. He is trying to rid students at Bill and Ted University of the memory of those fools, Bill and Ted, with his ultimate secret weapon -- evil robot twins of Bill and Ted! Bill and Ted must fight the evil forces and return harmony so that the teachings of Bill and Ted may live on for their students. In order to do this, they travel through hell, heaven and beyond to regain their lives, save the women they love, protect future generations from evil and win the local Battle Of The Bands concert!

On their Bogus Journey, Bill and Ted meet up with some scary characters. While in hell, they encounter The Grim Reaper and the Devil himself. Like, they were, like, totally freaked! When they make it up to heaven, the dudes come face to face with God -- awesome! They also meet the dead famous scientist Albert Einstein, the Easter Bunny and Bill's 88-year-old Granny Preston.

Bill and Ted's band, The Wyld Stallyns, play, like, a major role in the climatic scene, The Battle Of The Bands. This music is really cool because there are lots of local bands performing in the concert scene. Plus, there are real rock stars acting in the movie! Jim Martin, the guitarist from Faith no More, plays a visitor from the future. (Editor's note - actually he plays a visitor TO the future) Blues singer Taj Mahal makes a special appearance as the gatekeeper of heaven. Pretty cool, dudes and dudettes!

Some of the original cast members are back for more in this way excellent sequel -- George Carlin as Rufus, Amy Stock-Poynton as Missy and Hal Landon, Jr. as Captain Logan. Even though Bill and Ted are pretty outrageous and have some outlandish things happen to them, they are pretty neat guys.

The two dudes who brought Bill and Ted to life on the big screen are script writers Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon, and it sounds like they come pretty close to being Bill and Ted! It all started out when they were in college in 1983. They just came up with the idea for characters who act like Bill and Ted and started acting like them as a joke. When they eventually decided to write a screenplay about Bill and Ted, it only took them a week to write it because they knew the characters so well!

Bill and Ted are the kind of friends who know each other so well that each knows what the other's thinking before he even says it. If you're a Bill and Ted buff, be excellent to yourself and check them out at a theater near you in July!


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