Smash Hits (UK), October 2 - 15, 1991

Keanu Reeves: "Johnny Depp's Better Looking Than Me!"

* Keanu Reeves is a bit of a peculiar "mix"! "My father's Hawaiian and my mother's English. I grew up in Toronto, Canada. My grandmother was there and we were always on the move."

* He says his mother affected the way he turned out. "She worked in showbusiness. She's a costume designer and I have a stepfather who's a director so I saw that when I was a kid."

* He didn't want to make Bill And Ted's Bogus Journey! "Not at all. Neither did Alex Winter. The first couple of scripts they wrote were just not happening. So we had this one meeting with the scriptwriters and I just got turned on again to Bill and Ted. Afterwards Alex and I thought, "Whoa, this is fun".

* He's in an arty new film with River Phoenix called My Own Private Idaho where the two of them have an affair (!). Now he and Riv have become great pals. "I think he's the best. He asks questions that I don't normally think about sometimes. He works in a way that, at least for me, showed me how to get it more in my blood and more imaginative."

* He thinks Johnny Depp's a weird bloke. "Johnny Depp had another world happen to him - he got locked into that television series (i.e. 21 Jump Street) and television is seen by more people than I'll ever dream of. And Johnny Depp's better looking than me."

* When he first went to Hollywood everyone told him his name was crap so he had to change it. He wasn't keen. "They was sayin' names like Templeton Page Taylor the 3rd! I came up with Chuck Spadina! They knew right out that I wasn't into it."

* He wants to do Shakespeare. "There's this company where I may get to play Hamlet. That would be bitchin'."

* He's got a flash motorbike: "It's an 850cc Norton Commando - I don't wear a helmet."

* He's 26 years old.

* His latest film is Point Break. He plays Johnny Utah, an undercover FBI agent who infiltrates a gang of bank robbing surfers. Patrick Swizz is in it too. To prepare for the role Keanu had to train with the real FBI so he could play a convincing agent on screen.

* He doesn't like washing very much and he doesn't own any designer clothes. Nor does he have a famous girlfriend because he says that's not him. "The thing is, the kind of person I am in real life depends on the day. I do know that I'm not very good with authority. When people in school kept trying to tell me what I should do it used to infuriate me. When I don't feel free and can't do what I want I just react. I go against it."

* He lives in New York in an illegally sub-let apartment.

* He plays bass guitar.

* He says he has some mates in real life that are just like Bill and Ted. "You know how they have their own language and say things like 'Bodacious' and 'Bogus', well for a lot of my friends I know that sort of thing is true. These two guys I know can rap to each other and I don't even understand what they are saying."

* He was born in Beirut and then moved to Australia before he went to Toronto.

* He first went to LA to audition for a Disney TV movie. He didn't get the part.

* He's always getting asked to be like Ted. "In the streets most kids just wave at me or ask for an autograph, some get me to act like Ted but I just say no. Then their faces fall and I just feel bummed, you know."

* He goes bonkers when he's between roles. "The first couple of weeks I get psychotic and I drink too much, sure that I'll never work again, and then it settles down and I go hang out with my friends, ride my motorcycle and listen to music."

* His name Keanu (pronounced like Piano) is Hawaiian for "Cool breeze over the mountains".


Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey , My Own Private Idaho , Point Break , Creepy Foreshadowing ("There's this company where I may get to play Hamlet. That would be bitchin'." - Keanu played Hamlet in 1995)


Monica45Who izzzzz?? (2015-08-11 02:15:05)
 (Patrick) Swizz?! LOL I know who they mean but it's still funny!LOL

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