Seventeen (US), November 1991

31 things that make you go hmmmm... about Keanu Reeves


by Cindy Pearlman

1. His name means "a cool breeze over mountain" in Hawaiian.

2. He says it's pronounced Key-an-you but we prefer to say Key-an-oooh, baby.

3. "My mom is English, and my dad is half Hawaiian and half Chinese."

4. He was born in Beirut, then moved to Australia, New York, and Toronto, and now hangs in Los Angeles.

5. His house sits under the famous "Hollywood" sign.

6. Word he can't live without: COOL.

7. "I like to listen to the blues, hard rock, and classical music."

8. Voted Most Valuable Player on his high school hockey team.

9. He dropped out of high school. - "I'm autodidactic." (if you didn't score 1600 on the SATs either, that means self-taught.)

10. Height: six foot

11. Weight: 175 pounds

12. Brown hair, brown eyes. "I'm just your average Joe." Yeah, right.

13. River Phoenix and Keanu play male prostitutes in My Own Private Idaho, which is loosely based on Shakespeare's HenryIV. "It's a wacky film," says the kooky Keanu.

14 "The Bill and Ted dolls stink and that bugs me."

15 "The Bill and Ted cereal is cool. It's a pretty good chow."

16 I have two sisters. One's a year younger, and the other is twelve years younger."

17 "Just like some people are remembered for playing Mercutio (in Romeo and Juliet), when my life is over I'll be remembered for playing Ted."

18. Philosophy of life: "If you find some valid way to live, go for it, as long as you're not hurting anybody."

19. Passion: 1974 850 Commando motorcycle.

20. What he sings when he's riding his cycle: "Hey, I'm young, I'm vicious. I want to be a gangster. I'm tough."

21. How Keanu got the big Frankenstein scar on his belly: "I'm a bad driver. I ran into a mountain. My body's a wreck."

22. "You've got smart people, you've got dumb people. I'm a meathead."

23. If you love Keanu and want to tell him all your deep, personal thoughts, write to Keanu Reeves, c/o Micki Myshrall, 3 Arts Entertainment, 7920 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90046.

24. He was born September 2,1964. "I'm twenty-seven and dying."

25. The Keanu fashion statement: the layered look - he usually wears four shirts under a sweatshirt.

26. "When I was fifteen, I told my mother I wanted to be an actor. I don't know why."

27. He likes to finish most sentences with "Right on!" or "Jam!"

28. "Bill and Ted demanded all my skills as an actor. Comedy is very difficult to do, but the best part was breaking plates and just being out at your mind. Jam!"

29. Next up: Dracula with Winona Ryder and a boxing movie, Contender.

30. Even though Keanu has girlfriends in all of his films (like the beautiful Italian actress Chiara Casselli in Private Idaho), the bodacious one doesn't, repeat, does not, have a girlfriend now.

31. For his part in Paula Abduls video, Rush Rush, "I really studied the film Rebel Without a Cause, but James Dean was like, wow. I knew I could never do his gig. I'm not cool enough for a video. I'll stick to acting."


My Own Private Idaho , Rush, Rush

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