Odeon Cinemas (UK), December 1991

Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey

The most totally excellent triumphant outstanding stellar awesome unprecedented bodacious heinous resplendant phantasmagorical duo are back...

Once... they made history. Now... they are history. IT'S A TRIP.

In Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, William S. Preston, Esquire, and Ted "Theodore" Logan, a.k.a. Wyld Stallyns, soared through the circuits of time, bugging many all-time dudes of history in their quest to win the Battle of the Bands contest.

Now the Most Atypical Metal Heads are back in Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey.

In this adventure the triumphant duo from San Dimas (Keanu Reeves & Alex Winter) are whisked from Heaven to Hell and beyond as they attempt to outwit a most bogus Bill & Ted created by the non-non-heinous De Nomolos (Joss Ackland). On their journey they are forced to outwit the Grim Reaper to regain their lives, save the princess babes, protect future generations from the forces of evil and, of course, win the Battle of the Bands. If that were not enough they confront such formidable forces as God, the Devil, two Martians, the Easter Bunny, Albert Einstein and Bill's 88-year-old Granny Preston.

To celebrate the release of their latest film (Jan 3) Bill & Ted have bagged some awesome prizes for you to win in a most excellent competition. All you have to do is communicate through the airwaves by telephoning the number shown below and answer a few totally non heinous questions. Simply by doing this you could become one of the triumphant dudes or babes to win one of the prizes listed opposite.


Epiphone by Gibson
Wow! Be most excellent, be triumphant, be outstanding when you strap on one of these Bodacious EPIPHONE guitars made by GIBSON. We have 5 to win dudes! A must for any metal head. Unrivalled! Bad news for DeNomolos.

Unbelievable Dudes! We have 10 Samsung stereo CD, RADIO CASSETTE RECORDERS to win complete with 16 track programmable CD memory. A powerful 35W music power output will impress the babes as much as a full-on robot chubby. Awesome! You also get a copy of the mega soundtrack album.

Here's your chance to try the most refereshing soft drink on the street - 7UP. We're giving away Fido Dido's favourite soft drink! 7UP's refreshing new taste is so awesome you won't be satisfied with just one can - that's why we've got hold of 100 6-packs of 7UP.

Here's a chance to send personal greetings to friends and personages everywhere. Those bodacious dudes at BT have 200 of its most excellent Phonecards to give away. Each Phonecard is worth £2 and gives you twenty atypical phone call opportunities. So don't miss out. Bag your Phonecard, and get dialling dude!

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
Where it all began dudes. The original excellent adventure where Bill & Ted climbed aboard their telephone box and made history. We have 50 copies of the EXCELLENT ADVENTURE to win courtesy of CASTLE PICTURES. Brace yourselves amigos for a most triumphant video!

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure for Game Boy
Now's Your chance to win an exclusive copy of the highly successful Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure for the Game Boy courtesy of LJN, Masters of the Game. 20 copies of this brilliant game are up for grabs! So hurry up and enter this awesome competition... time is running out. A world without our most excellent compatriots Bill & Ted? No Way!

Hey dudes, impress the princess babes with this prize. Be the coolest guy on your block with one of these unprecedented Bill & Ted baseball caps. We have 50 up for grabs. Most resplendent.


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