Star Magazine (US), August 4, 1992

Keanu Reeves' night of passion with Unlawful Entry beauty

Teen symbol Keanu Reeves and Unlawful Entry star Sherri Rose played the game of love to the hilt by sharing a sizzling night of romance.

It all started after Keanu and Sherri, both 26, locked eyes across the crowded dance floor of the Roxbury nightclub in Los Angeles, where Reeves' band was playing.

"I think he's incredibly sexy and talented," says Sherri, who'd gone to the club to see Tia Carrera, of the movie Wayne's World, perform. After Reeves, who starred in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, stopped playing, a pal of Keanu's says the couple embraced hotly on the dance floor.

"They were like two magnets as they floated across the room toward each other," he says. "Keanu and Sherri had met two years ago. They'd run into each other all the time. You could tell there were sparks, but nothing happened until now."

The couple made up for lost time, as these revealing photos show. They clasped hands and walked arm-in-arm (photos top left) toward Reeves' room at the nearby Chateau Marmont hotel.

"It started on the dance floor and ended 24 hours later in the hotel room," says the friend.

The couple shared a passionate kiss even before they reached his room, and Sherri gave Keanu a sexy, back rub (top center). When they arrived at his door (photos above right), there was another cuddle and happy anticipation of the night ahead. The pals became lovers, says the friend. "It rained all the next day, and they continued on from the night before. I think the only time they left each other's side was to answer the door for room service," the friend adds.

"Keanu and Sherri are both on the same wave length, and have the same attitude. They don't care what people think about them. That's why they get along so well."


Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

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