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It's in his kiss

Have you ever gone to the movies just to see the love scene? Do you freeze frame a vid every time Keanu goes to plant a kiss? Here our resident romantic Rachelle Unreich rates the way five hot actors pucker up.

Cher sings about it being in his kiss (shoop, shoop), but it's true in the movies, too - you can tell a lot about an actor by the way he kisses. The one thing an actor can't fake is The Big Smooch, as they have to rely on what they know. Check out how these five actors rate in the kissing stakes.

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KEANU REEVES - the teasing kisser

GETTING PHYSICAL: He's the ultimate almond-eyed, dark-haired, smooth-chested man. Would anyone on Planet Earth not go for this guy?

ON THE JOB: Both playful and gentle, Keanu probably has a tendency to be kind of kinky, if some of his past roles are any indication (take his way out character, Tod, in Parenthood, for example). Keanu's quick kisses can be kind of clumsy, but that just adds to his appeal. He seems to have fun when he kisses, but he can be soft and gentle, too. Check out River's Edge to see him play with Ione Skye's hair. There's just something endearingly childish about the way this guy puckers up.

LUST FACTOR: He's up there with the best. After my own mini Keanu Reeves Film Festival, I dreamt about him in his white Y-fronts. At first I couldn't think where that image came from, until I remembered continuously freeze-framing the scene from Parenthood where Keanu kisses Martha Plimpton's stomach. Need I say more?

KISSING APPEAL: Do they make boys like this anymore?


Parenthood , River's Edge


(2009-09-24 16:30:13)
 Do they make boys like this anymore? I wish.
(2009-09-24 17:27:49)
 Don't we all? wish, I mean...
Yeah (2009-09-24 22:20:12)
 Oh yeah, I'd gladly order a sixpack of Keanus if they were still in production!


Anakin McFly
(2009-09-24 22:22:57)

Can't log in? :
naw, (2009-09-24 22:36:35)
 ... the man is collector's item. Craftmade, unique, once-in-the-universe's-lifetime-happening. ( unless one considers the string theory and the multiverses but let's not get there 'cause I don't understand any of that ;) :D )
(2009-09-25 01:44:01)
 Yeh, I can log in, but I was at work and wanted to sneak in a comment while my colleague wasn't looking. I try to keep my "fanliness" to myself at work... ;-)
(2009-09-25 09:50:12)
 The man's a one of a kind, that's for sure.

The mold was broken the day the powers that be made him.

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