Cleo (Aus), August 1992

The sexiest men alive

Warning, the following pages may ignite all by themselves. Because the guys pouting out of them are the hottest men in the world, the ones you voted onto our definitive, once-a-year lust-list. So sit back, pour yourself a long, icy drink, and simply enjoy.

(only the Keanu page)

2 Keanu Reeves, 27, actor


When we first saw Keanu as the slang-spitting dude in Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure, it seemed he had as much chance of becoming a sex symbol as a red-haired schoolgirl from Sydney had of going on to marry Tom Cruise. Come to think of it, maybe even less chance than that. But suddenly, there was Keanu again as a seriously sexy surf-riding FBI agent in Point Break, and, let's face it, a woman could drown in those watery almond eyes of his. Maybe we missed them the first time around because his tousled hair frequently tickled the end of his nose, but now that Keanu has changed his hairdresser and given up dude-speak, he's emerging as the hottest thing in Hollywood since Towering Inferno.


Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure , Point Break

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