TV Hits (UK), ~ December 1993

Fast and Furious!

What's Keanu Reeves doing risking life and limb on an out-of-control bus? Filming his new movie Speed, that's what! TV HITS popped on-set to have a look….

Speed could turn out to be Keanu Reeves' most exciting film yet! Set in Los Angeles, it's a tense action thriller in which a coach full of passengers is wired up to explode if its speed goes below 50 miles an hour! It's up to Keanu, as cop Jack Traven, to save the day and knock out all the baddies before he and all his fellow travellers are blown sky-high! Speed won't be out 'til the end of next year, but lucky old TV HITS managed to sneak on the set! Filming was taking place outside the famous Grauman's Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard where Keanu, who was in a pretty amiable sort of mood, was spotted racing through the streets on buses and being very silly with co-star Sandra Bullock who's currently stealing the show from Sly Stallone in Demolition Man!

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