Sky (UK), 1993

Totally Bogus

by Ashley Heath

"He's a goof ball", "he's so spaced out!", "he's just like he is in his films". The whispers were out: Keanu was in town and hanging around with members of his rock band Dog Star. From the bar at Soho's Magick club to the dancefloor at Piccadilly's Smashing, Keanu Reeves proved that when you're Mr Hollywood and you want to slack out, London is as good a place as any North-west-American Bandwagonsville. At Smashing, the Bugsy Malone theme tune - a terrible DJ error at the best of times - saw Keanu dancing as goofy as they get; Iggy's "I Wanna Be Your Dog" (a DJing masterstroke) saw him grunging with the best of the capital's late-night wasters. Keanu was rocking, but it didn't end there.

Accosting Keanu on the dancefloor, to the final strains of Iggy's dirty anthm, was aspiring (still) rock star and occasional FACE-contributor, Simon Dudfiele. Drinking earlier in a pub in a Soho backwater, Dudfield and his Fabulous cronies had clocked Keanu and arranged a Smashing rendevous. Now an impromptu jam was agreed for the assembled members of Dog Star and Fabulous. A band was born: Dogulous! For Dudfield, this was the next stage in a heady rollercoaster ride of blags and blows. Having managed to simultaneously interview Pete Waterman (for an article on rock managers in this magazine) and get him to agree to record Fabulous, Dudfield then had to suffer being dropped by the Hit Man "because we insisted our guitars should sound like The Stooges (not Pete's version of events). One megablag later, and Fabulous are back, now signed by another of Simon's interviewees: ex-Rolling Stones' manager Andrew Loog Oldham. Confirmed to be the first release on Loog Oldham's reformed legendary immediate label, still Dudfield could get no satisfaction - or at least not enough. Keanu and Dogulous just could be the thing. "Keanu wanted to rock out while he was over here and I told him if he wanted a kick ass rock jam, then Fabulous were the right band," says the irrepressible Dudfield. "He was a great guy, I thought, not at all film starry. He's really into the Buzzcocks, Ramones and New York Dolls. And he can play bass pretty well, we just blasted through some old punk tunes. Keanu loved it and now we're going to support Dog Star in the US and they'll be supporting us for dates over here! What do you think of that then? Fabulous... er, absolutely.

Fabulous' first single for Immediate, released this month, is a cover of "Get Off Of My Cloud" coupled with "Personality Recession (It's Time For A Charisma Lesson)". Neither track has a guitar sound remotely like The Stooges


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