The Boston Globe (US), May 1, 1994

Keanu Reeves is everywhere

by Matthew Gilbert


Keanu Reeves is hot, Hollywood hot. The 29-year-old star of "The River's Edge," "My Own Private Idaho" and the Bill and Ted adventures is about to graduate from teen-age pretty boy to manly box-office contender. He's just signed to star in "A Walk in the Clouds," as a World War II hero who returns to California and falls into a troubled love affair. The film will be directed by Alfonso Arau, who helmed last year's unexpected hit "Like Water for Chocolate." Meanwhile, Reeves has finished shooting a "Die Hard"-on-a-bus actioner called "Speed," which will open in June. He'll also be seen in Bernardo Bertolucci's "Little Buddha" (this summer) and in a cameo in Gus Van Sant's "Even Cowgirls Get the Blues" (later this month). At the moment, he's working on "Johnny Mnemonic," a cyberpunk thriller costarring Dolph Lundgren and Ice-T.


River's Edge , My Own Private Idaho , Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure , Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey , A Walk in the Clouds , Speed , Little Buddha , Even Cowgirls Get the Blues , Johnny Mnemonic

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