Sky (UK), May 1994

Guess who's having a bad hair day?

by RR

see over for groomed version...

we bow at his temple

Yup, believe it or not, that werewolf in blue eyeshadow on the previous page is the man who usually rates as the biggest dreamboat on the global ocean, Keanu Reeves. But there's no need to fret about the shaggy, Dave Pirner-gone-brunette impression being a stayer; that most attractive look was specially cultured for his role as Prince Siddhartha in Bernardo Bertolucci's new movie, Little Buddha (out on 29 April) in which Reeves, complete with dodgy Indian accent, plays a totally divine (in the religious sense, you understand) Buddhist prince. "When I came home from Nepal after filming Little Buddha, I felt really different," says Keanu. "it was surreal, you know, the bombarding pace here in LA." Any vestiges of post-movie karma that Reeves might have had, however, have been blasted out of him by the recent LA earthquake ("My house realty shook," he says, wide-eyed. "I jumped out of bed and fled the house then I ran back in and got dressed"), to say nothing of the manic, stunt-frenzied experience of making his new movie, Speed (out this autumn), an action pic in which Reeves plays a good-guy cop. "My character, Jack, gets the challenge of his career when a crowded Los Angeles bus, wired to explode if it slows down to under 50mph, is set loose on the freeways," says Reeves. "It's basically a story about normal people on their regular ride downtown who are suddenly faced with their worst nightmare." Sounds not unlike an average LA day when Reeves is on the road. "I'm an awful driver," he admits with a grin. "The worst time was when I got hit by a car and ended up on the sidewalk on my back. I did what they call a layout somersault." Whatever that is, it will probably come in handy on the set of Reeves' next project, the sci-fi thriller Johnny Mnemonic. "I don't want to be superfamous," he says of this sudden rush of credible movie parts. "That would be awful, I cause I don't value parties and awards and stuff like that. I'm a real homebody. I don't really get invited out too much." He's got to be kidding. Right?

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Little Buddha , Speed


Little Buddha , Speed , Johnny Mnemonic

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