Final Edition (US), June 7, 1994

Reeves is 'Speed'-ing to greater glory - by bus

by Jeannie Williams

Keanu Reeves will explode into action-movie stardom with Friday's opening of Speed.

Reeves, who's Bruce Willis minus smirk and Arnold Schwarzenegger with lesser biceps, and co-star Sandra Bullock turned up Sunday to present a Speed prop bomb to New York's Planet Hollywood. Reeves, looking good in the super-short haircut he has in the movie, stayed just long enough to say he doesn't want to compete with Bruce and Arnold.

R-rated Speed - with madman Dennis Hopper rigging a bus to blow up - is a really intense ride (too intense for many kids). Watch for a standout cameo, Glenn Plummer as "Tuneman," poor dude whose Jag is commandeered by Reeves' cop.

Reeves tells tonight's Entertainment Tonight he got his buzz cut at a pal's house in Venice, Calif.: "They call it a 'one-cut' and it's done with a razor."

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