The Mirror (UK), July 3, 1994

Film star's drug baron dad shame

by Gary Morgan

HOLLYWOOD star Keanu Reeves's dad masterminded a heroin and cocaine empire.

Sam Reeves ran a ruthless gang called the Hawaii 50 but his evil ways rebounded on him - and he became a pitiful addict.

He was shooting up his arm each day £130 of heroin, the drug that killed film stars River Phoenix and John Belushi.

Keanu, star of the new movie Speed, would innocently send money to his dad, not knowing that he was using it to feed his deadly habit.

Now the 51-year-old, who separated from Keanu's mum when the actor was aged only two, has started a ten-year prison sentence. He fronted a Mexican drug gang on Hawaii which sold over £50,000 of heroin and cocaine.

"We have busted a big ring in which he was the principal player," said Police Lt Charlie Chai.

Keanu has no plans to visit his dad, saying: "He is nothing but a Sixties' deadbeat reject."

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