Star Magazine (US), July 12, 1994

Speed hunk Keanu's long-lost dad jailed on drug rap

KEANU REEVES' father has been sentenced by a Hawaiian judge to 10 years behind bars for possession of heroin and cocaine.

And as Samuel Reeves was led off to jail in handcuffs, the 29-year-old star of the summer blockbuster, Speed, was 6,000 miles away from his dad - on location in Canada.

The elder Reeves, a geologist, was arrested by cops in September 1992 at Hilo Airport on the big island of Hawaii.

While Keanu - who hasn't seen his dad in 12 years - was winning rave reviews for Speed, Samuel Reeves was pleading guilty to a felony count of second-degree promotion of a dangerous drug.

"We had a tip that he'd be coming in with drugs," says Hilo Police Lt. D. Chai. "We did a routine arrest and found he had large quantities of cocaine and heroin."

Half-Hawaiian, half-Chinese Reeves was also arrested, but not charged, last month when police searched a nearby home and discovered three ounces of Mexican black-tar heroin.

Prosecutors say he was a "facilitator" for heroin sources. "He never denied his guilt; in fact, when he went to court, he pleaded guilty," says Lt. Chai.

Keanu was raised in Toronto by his English-born mother Patricia, a clothing designer, and stepfather Paul Aaron. Keanu has often spoken bitterly about being abandoned by his biological dad, and was estranged from him since he was a teenager.

"I'm the offspring of a Hawaiian Sixties deadhead reject and a much stronger mom," he once said.

A friend says: "Keanu seldom talks about his real father - he was never there for him in the years he was growing up and there's a deep sadness that might be caused by that distance."

And Keanu's co-star in Speed, Sandra Bullock, says: "He's gone through harder times than he's willing to admit.

"I think there's a lot of pain inside of him."

An insider adds: "Keanu was born in Beirut, Lebanon, and always said his parents were Bohemians who traveled a lot and happened to be there when he was born."

Keanu, oldest of Samuel Reeves' three children, is named after a great-uncle. In Hawaiian, the name Keanu means "cool breezes over the mountains."

Reeves' grandmother, who lives in Puna, claims she doesn't know if Keanu realizes that his father is facing jail time.

"I think his cousins will tell him," she says.

"I don't keep in contact with my grandson."

Neither Reeves nor his manager could be reached for comment.

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