USA Today (US), July 14, 1994

Reeves speeds on with no 'Remorse'

by Jeannie Williams

Speed's Keanu Reeves just turned down $7 million to star in Without Remorse, that Tom Clancy thriller due from Savoy Pictures. We don't know why he passed, but Reeves hears his own drummer: His schedule includes playing Hamlet in a small Canadian production in early '95.

This quiet actor, 29, no doubt still will cash in on Speed's success (he got $1.25 mill for that). "His price isn't official until someone's willing to pay it, but evidently several people are," says Variety's Michael Fleming, who scooped the Remorse offer.

Monday, Reeves begins work in the Napa Valley on a small movie, A Walk in the Clouds. He plays a World War II vet in this period romance, directed by Alfonso Arau (Like Water for Chocolate). His Mexican-American love is yet to be cast. He got $2 mill for the upcoming Johnny Mnemonic.


Speed , Hamlet , A Walk in the Clouds , Johnny Mnemonic

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