The Mirror (UK), July 30, 1994

Sharon's sexy sizzler in pool with Keanu


by Allan Hall

SAUCY Sharon Stone is making big waves with cuddly Keanu Reeves.

Two of Hollywood's hottest stars raised the temperature in a hotel swimming pool with their carefree kissing and clinching.

Their passionate love-play almost turned the pool into a sauna as they carried on, oblivious to the stares of startled guests.

The night-time frolics went on under the full glare of poolside lights and underwater lamps.

But the Basic Instinct star and Hollywood's brightest new male lead had eyes only for each other. One onlooker said: "It was like they were choreographed in the pool.

"There was some serious tonsil massaging going on.

"On a scale of one to 10, if they were lovers, I'd put them around 78."

Elite Sharon, on the rebound from ex-fiance Bill McDonald, producer of her film Sliver, is said to be "ecstatic" about her latest love.

And she was keen to show him off at the elite Chateau Marmont - which is THE place to be seen.

Once infamous for being the place where Blues Brothers comic John Belushi killed himself with heroin and cocaine, it is now a premier wining, dining and swimming location.

Sharon, at 35, is six years older than Reeves, a huge hit in his latest film Speed.

Los Angeles gossip columnist Flo Anthony described the brooding star as "a guy with an eye for a well-turned leg."

They don't get any better than Sharon's, the ones she crossed and uncrossed to such sizzling effect in Basic Instinct.



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