Woman's Day (Aus), August 15, 1994

Sharon hot for Keanu

Hot hunk Keanu Reeves is racing head-long towards heartbreak at the hands of fickle Hollywood vixen Sharon Stone.

Fresh from the flames of yet another crash-and-burn romance, prowling Sharon, 35, has fixed her sights on the raven-haired Speed hero Keanu, 29.

Making no secret of their new-found lust, Keanu and Sharon made a sexy splash in the pool of the Hollywood hotel Chateau Marmont, his temporary home-base as he searches for a house. Sources say the couple were cavorting together late into the evening.

"Keanu is taking advantage of his new action star status," an insider says. "Sharon is the latest of several women who have been seen with him since he's been staying at the Marmont."

Sharon, who's just finished filming The Specialist with Sylvester Stallone, has apparently dumped her dashing assistant director Bob Wagner, 26. Their romance began on the set of The Quick And The Dead, just days after the sexy star ditched her fiance, Bill MacDonald.

Keanu is certainly a worthwhile catch. Riding high on the success of Little Buddha and Much Ado About Nothing, he made a mint from Speed and is rumoured to have been offered $7 million to do a sequel.

While they're both box-office drawcards, Keanu and Sharon are a bizarre match. She is the designer-dressed glamour queen - he is the grunge king. She does the Hollywood scene, attending all the A-list parties - he plays guitar with a rock band in his spare time.

He has also dabbled in drugs - one vice Sharon has not admitted to.

Friends say Keanu is setting himself up for a fall if he is serious about Sharon. He is more used to no-strings flings than Sharon's notoriously demanding relationships.

"Keanu is a love-em and leave-em kind of guy," a friend says. "He usually dates your blonde flavour of the week."

He has had an on-off involvement with Sophia Coppola since they met on the set of Bram Stoker's Dracula, directed by her father, Francis Ford Coppola.

Keanu freely admits his idea of a good time is "lying in bed with my lover", although until now he's insisted that "there's no one in particular" in his life.

The list of candidates is a long one -he's rumoured to have had affairs with singer Paula Abdul and actress Lori Petty, as well as a sizzling romance with sexy Unlawful Entry star Sheri Rose.

Their torrid affair also began with a night of passion at the Chateau Marmot, where they were seen kissing passionately in the foyer before they even reached his room.


Speed , Little Buddha , Much Ado About Nothing , Bram Stoker's Dracula

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