Voici (Fr), August 15 - 21, 1994.

Sharon Stone - With her, Keanu Reeves is enjoying his first grand love of his life. The eternal indifferent actor is caught in a trap...

She has put 'Little Buddha' in her bed

(Translated from French)

by Simon Lea

One more! At 36 years of age, the blonde bombshell is completing her den of trophies. But beware, all of you sex symbols of the upcoming generation, this last victim will most probably steal her spotlight.

Forget Bob Wagner! That romance will have lasted only six very short months, just like all the others of Sharon Stone's romances. At 36 years of age, the queen of the American film screens has fallen for Keanu Reeves, the up and coming new Hollywood star. Just as she usually does, the actress has found someone within her professional universe. Very much in love, the couple has not tried to hide their feelings for one another.

Just like two teenagers, they flirted during a whole afternoon by the pool of the Chateau Marmont, one of Los Angeles' most prestigious hotels. The priviledged witnesses to this torrent instant are still amazed by it...

This love-at-first-sight romance has gone without too much notice because it is the first time that we see Keanu Reeves in such gallant company. Except for a short night of love with Paula Abdul, we do not know of any serious romance he would have been involved in since breaking in movies. "R.A.S."! Very secretive? Or is he drawn to men? The American press were questionning this quite often... We are now reassured about his virility!

It is true that it is very difficult to resist beautiful Sharon. The age difference that separates them - Keanu is younger by 8 years - does not seem to be an obstable to their relationship. Sharon Stone is in the habit of dating younger men. We still need to wait to see if this romance will become a tender love story or if it will be a short adventure with no future.

'Each time I meet a man, I think that this is it. That is my big problem!' confides Sharon Stone. Will Keanu Reeves change this rule?

Pictures (to Keanu Reeves)

---She has helped him forget his family problems. Keanu Reeves has been very much affected by the problems of his father who has just been sentenced for drug use and trafficking. His love-at-first-sight encounter with Sharon has certainly happened at the right moment...

Sidebar: A discreet seducer

---Paula Abdul. Summer of 1991. Keanu is already famous because of "Point Break". The press finds him in the arms of Paula Abdul. A one-night adventure...

---A beautiful unknown. With his grunge look, hasn't attracted too many women. We do know of a short romance with this beautiful young woman.

---Sophia Coppola. Keanu has worked on a movie made by her father, 'Dracula'... and has had a short romance with her.

(to Sharon Stone)

---Sharon has been able to awaken Keanu's basic instincts. She can be proud!

Sidebar: She changes fiances like she changes underwear!

---Robert McDonald. She loved him, he was the man of her life. For her, this producer had left his wife. We know how this ended. Sharon left Robert McDonald. The poor man has still yet to recover.

---Leonardo Di Caprio. The fact that the star is only 19 years old didn't frighten her. There would need to be much more for her to be frightened... They met during the filming of 'The Quick and The Dead'. The shortest of her adventures.

---Bob Wagner. 'I am happy with him. At least, he's not married... and is not always following me around', said Sharon of Bob Wagner. She left him for Keanu.

---Chris Peters. 'We will always be together', said Sharon... Chris Peters was only a producer who was with her briefly.


Point Break , Bram Stoker's Dracula

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