Sassy (US), September 1994


CLOSE-UP: On ringing telephone, inviting me to a screening of Speed, where one of the "hosts" will be Keanu Reeves. For you fresh, new subscribers, Keanu was my longest-running celebrity crush of all time, ending mainly due to embarrassment at the amount of time and energy I'd put into it. I'm talking multiple viewings of that 1988 TV movie where he sings "Hungry Heart" with the jukebox. Attending any event where there was a remote chance of viewing him in person. Even chasing him and River down an LA street (Christina did it too). I call Kate. "I'm going to do a 'Diary' on finally meeting Keanu, in my current crushless mode." And I invite her to accompany me. I didn't tell her this, but I also think she's the staffer least likely to push me to do anything I don't want to do, like actually talking to him if I don't feel good, or whatever.

TWO DAYS LATER: A Sunday. Kate and I take a taxi up to Planet Hollywood, eat some free food, then wait impatiently for our "host" to arrive.

ONE HOUR LATER: Kate asks the people next to us if anyone knows when Keanu's getting here. They tell her he was already here. Two seconds ago, for like two seconds. He walked in with our other "host," Sandra Bullock, they say, had his picture taken and left. Kate is maybe slightly bummed that she took the time out of her Sunday to buy a disposable camera to capture the three of us on film for "Diary." I am glad their thing is over so the movie can start. The movie starts.

ONE PRODUCTION NOTE OR SOMETHING: On our recommendation, Margie went to see Speed and came in the next morning talking incessantly about her new crush on Keanu.


Speed , Under the Influence

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