New Idea (Aus), October 1, 1994

Cloud nine

Heart-throb Keanu Reeves is walking in the air

Ever since he played a goofball in the bodacious hit Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure, cool dude Keanu Reeves has been demonstrating his considerable acting ability.

Already, some are hailing the enigmatic star as the Oliver of the Ninties. From a demanding role as a gay, to a muscular, macho type in Speed, to a jaded royal who gives up all to seek enlightenment in Bernardo Bertolucci's Little Buddha, Keanu has been receiving plenty of kudos for venturing out of his acting comfort zone in his more recent films.

Despite all the hype, Keanu has always insisted that he is not the "leading man type". But in his latest film that's just what he is. The former teenage pretty boy has turned heart-throb in the romantic drama A Walk In The Clouds, directed by Alfonso Arau, who also directed the recent critical hit Like Water For Chocolate.

In his new film Keanu plays a young soldier who falls in love with the daughter of a vineyard owner, played by the legendary Anthony Quinn.

Indeed, A Walk In The Clouds seems the perfect place for the experimental Keanu to be strolling around in.

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