Big (UK), October 18, 1994

Megastar? Me?

by Melissa Field

Since the success of Speed the whole world has gone Keanu Reeves crazy. But why is he so popular? Here's 50 reasons...

1. Keanu has made 20 films, and some of them have been brilliant. Come on down Much Ado About Nothing, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, Point Break and, of course, Speed

2. He doesn't mind ridicule. When his dreadful grunge band Dogstar played a heavy metal festival the crowd bombarded them with cups.

3. He's so bonkers he doesn't own a house. Instead he lives in a hotel, the Chateau Marmont.

4. He's a wild man. When he was 19 he got into his 'thrash mobile' - a '69 Volvo - and drove to L.A. where he's lived ever since.

5. He's got an excellent name (part one): He was named after his great uncle.

6. He's got an excellent name (part two): Keanu is Hawaiian and means 'Cool Breeze over the mountains'.

7. He's a trooper. Keanu worked out for two months at Gold's Gym in L.A. to get fit for his role of Jack Traven in Speed

8. He's always on the move. Keanu has lived in Beirut, Australia and New York before his family finally settled in Toronto when he was six.

9. Hey, he's an interesting guy. His hobbies include ice hockey, basketball and horse riding.

10. He's not into money. After Christmas, he's playing Hamlet in a low budget play in Canada.

11. He's wacky! Keanu is taking ballroom dancing lessons, just for fun.

12. He's got loads of wonga. Since Speed, he can command seven million dollars per movie.

13. He doesn't drive about in flashy limos. He loves his red Norton Commando motorbike.

14. He's made lessons interesting. Well in Pasadena anyway. The Art Centre College of Design in Pasadena runs a course called - wait for it - The Films of Keanu Reeves.

15. He's not afraid to appear in ropey old pop videos - like Paula Abdul's vid for Rush Rush.

16. He's a babe magnet. Sharon Stone and Keanu were recently rumoured to be an item.

17. He's single! Although in the past Keanu has been linked with Sofia Coppola, Paula Abdul and someone called Autumn Macintosh.

18. He helps out his mates. He recently made a low budget horror flick with his Bill and Ted pal Alex Winter. He plays, er, Ortiz the Dogboy.

19. He's imaginative. The young Keanu dreamt of becoming a racing car driver or an inventor!

20. He's a rebel. Keanu was thrown out of acting school when he was 17 for 'talking too much.'

21. He's rugged. He has a huge scar on his chest from a nasty motorbike accident.

22. His mates are all really cool. Check out pals Winona Ryder, Johnny Depp and Drew Barrymore.

23. He's courageous. Keanu did his own stunts on Speed, including the one where he jumps from the speeding Jag onto the bus.

24. He loves animals. Keanu once trusted a maid to take care of his $5000 boa constrictor. When he returned from a film shoot, it was dead cos she fed it the wrong food. Keanu burst into tears.

25. He hasn't had it too easy. When he got chucked out of school he got a job sharpening ice skates at his local rink.

26. He's a Virgoan, born on September 2 1964. That makes him self critical and very romantic!

27. He's a very manly 6ft 1'

28. He's unlucky in love. "The biggest sacrifice I've made is the chance of success in love." Sob...

29. He talks a load of goofy nonsense. He said, "Bill & Ted is a sort of Shakespearean clown show with spiritual harmony." Er, yeah.

30. He has gorgeous brown eyes.

31. He's part British! His mum's English and comes from Essex.

32. He's a part time boffin. Keanu reads Shakespeare and Dostoevsky.

33 He's a peace-lovin' guy. At 21 he could have joined the Lebanese army. He didn't.

34. He was a bit of a sport swot. He was once named Hockey Player of the Year at school.

35. He says dude, man and cool a lot.

36. Kelly from Cappella fancies him madly.

37. He hates being interviewed.

38. His sense of humour. Hollywood bigwigs suggested he change his name when he first hit town. Keanu's suggestion? Chuck Spandina!

39. He's modest. On his looks he says: "I don't think I'm the most handsome guy in the world but I know I'm not a dog." Hello?

40. He became mates with River Phoenix when Keanu was snogging Martha Plimpton, then River's girlfriend in Parenthood.

41. He'd get you to cook for him. When he starred in Much Ado about Nothing, Oscar winner Emma Thompson cooked him pasta every night.

42. He can't knit.

43. He says excellent a lot.

44. He's impulsive. Studio bosses freaked out when Keanu shaved his hair off during the filming of Speed. He had a number one razor cut.

45. He 's the third movie star in history to have a haircut named after him. A 'Keanu' is cool.

46. He's crap at English accents. Check out Bram Stoker's Dracula to see what we mean.

47. He's not afraid of getting old and wrinkly. "It's a nice thought, retirement." he says.

48. He did daft things as a kid. He was in ads for Coca Cola and Cornflakes.

49. He once walked into a room and announced that he hadn't showered in a month. Bleeurgh.

50. All the girls at BIG! fancy him.



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