Variety (US), October 26, 1994

Reeves has a 'Feeling'


Keanu Reeves has signed to headline the low-budget feature "Feeling Minnesota" for New Line Cinema, the studio confirmed Tuesday.

Reeves will play a down-and-out drifter who lusts after the same woman as his brother. No other talent has been attached.

First-timer Steven Begelman scripted and will helm the project. Jersey Films' Danny DeVito, Michael Shamberg and Stacey Sher are producing. Exec producer is Erwin Stoff. New Line previously worked with Jersey on the rodeo pic "8 Seconds."

"It's really interesting material," said Michael De Luca, production prexy for New Line. "We really enjoyed our experience on '8 Seconds.' They brought 'Minnesota' to (New Line acquisitions exec veep) Ruth Vitale and I. We wanted to jump on."

De Luca called the project a "labor-of-love deal" for Reeves, who will earn much less than his current $ 7 million asking price. But De Luca added that Reeves has a small backend percentage on the film.

De Luca would not reveal the pic's budget, but sources said it was well under $ 10 million.

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Feeling Minnesota


Feeling Minnesota

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