Big Hits (UK), ~ October 1994

Keanu Reeves

When you talk to Keanu Reeves about the death of his close friend and My Own Private Idaho co-star, River Phoenix, his eyes grow darker, the colour drains from his face and you know immediately that this topic is not up for discussion, Reeves lightly describes this clamming-up procedure as one of his excellent panic attacks, but there is nothing light about it.

The young Canadian is simply one of the most fiercely private people in a highly public profession. Having become a household name through the goofily cool Bill and Ted movies, Keanu has dabbled in Shakespeare (on stage and screen) and is now set to join Arnie, Sly and Bruce in the action-hero stakes with Speed, the surprise hit of the summer in the USA.

Now a serious box-office name, Reeves remains something of a mystery: even his most loyal fans will admit that his acting isn't his strong point, but they will gush as length about what they call - Presence. You only need to watch Idaho to work out that, whatever it is they're talking about, Keanu's got it.

Having once described himself as the boy next door type - groan (oh if only). I know one thing, the boy next door to me certainly didn't make my heart pound and my knees buckle when he grunted hello over the garden fence, right girls?

Keanu was known to say that attractive women had intelligence, beauty and kindness and since he has let it slip that he is single, we're in for a chance (So don't give up Reeves-ravers).

How we long to mother the man with the little boy lost eyes and heal that big scar he got on his chest from a motorbike accident. Yes he really is all Man.

Ballroom dancing lessons are his latest fad, so get out those glitzy glad rags girls, take a trip down to the Chateau Marmont (where he lives) and get ready to be waltzed off your feet. Keep that quiet though or everyone will be on the No52 to Hollywood - I'm off - see you there!



My Own Private Idaho , Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure , Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey , Speed

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