Smash Hits (UK), November 9 - 22, 1994

the COOL twenty

[note: this is a top twenty list of cool people, where Keanu ranks as # 1]

A supermodel, a pet detective, a self-confessed meat-head, Darren Day's girlfriend, Britain's sexiest man and two aliens. Just what does it take to be cool in 1994? (PS Madonna should maybe skip the next few pages...)

#1 Keanu Reeves

AGE: 30


COOL CLOTHES: Either a beige, heavily creased linen suit, or a black jacket, white T-shirt and black jeans. Both looks are finished off with Timberland boots.

COOL FOOD AND DRINK: Coffee, coke, beer and burgers.

COOL HANG-OUTS: Any place that his band Dogstar can play a gig (if he can be bothered), ie, a dodgy indie pub. When he's in London he has been known to pop into Smashing, a club famous for being a indie star hang-out and playing the most bizarre music!

COOL ACCESSORY: His hair! Whether it's long and flowing or completely cropped, Keanu looks mega cool.

COOL FRIENDS: Alex Winter, his co-star in the Bill & Ted films. Members of his band Dogstar and Sandra Bullock.

COOL MOMENTS: The whole of Speed!. The bit in Bill & Ted where he plays air guitar; surfing in Point Break; all of My Own Private Idaho.

COOL THING HE'S SAID: "Hey, I'm a meat-head. I can't help it!"

UNCOOL THING ONLY HE COULD GET AWAY WITH: Having the crappiest English accent ever in the film Dracula!



Dogstar , Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure , Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey , Speed , Point Break , My Own Private Idaho , Bram Stoker's Dracula

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