Unknown TV Channel (UK), November 1994

25 Questions


This is a funny interview done in England to promote Speed. The TV interviewer tells Ke that he must answer 25 questions correctly within 2:00 or the hotel where they are will blow up. Ke is a good sport and plays along with the set-up: - KeanuConnection.com

Are you ready?:
“Yes ”

Question one… what’s the deal with this name of yours?
Ah… it’s a Hawaiian name given to me by my great great uncle.

Which movie are you currently in town promoting?
I’m here for Speed.

Would you like us, at this moment to use some precious time to run a clip?
Oh yes please… (they run speed clip)

What’s the best movie ever made?
Lawrence of Arabia.

OK. What’s the weather like in LA?

Which stretch of water lies between India and Myanmar?
The Bay of Bengal.

Issac Newton — born in?

Died in?

OK question 9: Name three types of headwear…
Three types of headwear?

uh… hat, scarf and tiera.

Absolutely! In real life do you ever use Bill and Ted language?

Can porcupines climb trees?

Ok look at this clip…(they look at film clip of woman cooking) Name the presenter?
Valerie Singleton

What triggers a nuclear reaction?
A neutron hitting the nucleus of a uranium atom

Fission releasing energy and uh, neutrons…

Question 15 do you want to run more of your clip and use up some precious time?
Yes! (show more clip)

Give me two other words for swamp
Uh… marsh and quagmire…

Number 17… during the league Scotland who scored for Scotland?

No, actually it was Teddy Sharringham. Question 18…name any member of the Clash
Uh..Joe Strummer.

Absolutely. Number 19… Who appeared drunk on last week’s show?
Shane McGowen (they show clip)

[What type of rock is Ayres rock?

Number 21 In a nutshell what happens at the end of Jaws.
Uh… Mr. Schneider hits a oxygen tank in the mouth of the shark and it blows up.

Correct. 22… apart from the Generation game, name any other (?)
Play your cards right.

Absolutely, question 23, we’ve only used up one wrong… which word would describe TV critics?
Weasels! Bullies! Money Grubbing…

I’ll accept it, absolutely… number 24, which flightless bird is a type of parrot that comes from New Zealand?
I can’t pronounce it but I think its the Cacapoe

Cacapoe, I’ll buy that Number twenty five…you’re up against me here… how does the opening of Eastenders go every week?
Da da da da DA DA da…

I’ll accept that
Thank you!

You got one wrong so this will be question 26 which animal was first bred for meat in the 18th century?
Yorkshire pig… (is that what he said?)

That’s 25!
(the sound you hear is the flashing of the sign on screen that the HOTEL has been saved! MY HERO!)




(2012-05-28 03:34:42)
 I can't believe he knew the answers to some of these questions! They were so random and he answered them really quickly (I've seen the video of this interview).

I've never even heard of ayers rock...and the thing with the parrot too.

(2012-05-30 01:00:58)
 do you have the link of the video? Could you share it? I'm curious to see this interview.
(2012-05-30 08:56:17)
 Yes, please Softie. I'm also curious about it!!!
historical babe
(2012-06-02 10:28:31)
Would love to see the footage of this too.
Guest (2012-06-03 00:21:09)
 The quality is really bad, but get to hear his lovely laugh. [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wA6Xwkce1NE&list=FLxehLwSdhtqeefGntzjjb2w&index=140&feature=plpp_video[/url]
Guest (2012-06-03 00:29:03)
 It's cute, it's been so long since I've seen the video but at the end they show the host teaching keanu the theme song to the Eastenders, so maybe he prepped the other questions, too? Especially the super random ones.
(2012-06-03 00:29:44)
 Oops I forgot to log in!
(2012-06-03 05:40:18)
 Thank you! thank you! thank you!
(2012-06-03 07:09:30)
 You are very welcome! Wasn't it adorable?
(2012-06-03 16:27:10)
 oh yes, it's adorable and funny!

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