The Sun (UK), ~ November 1994

Race to sign up rocker Keanu!

by Andy Coulson

Keanu Reeves is set to clinch a multi-million-pound deal to become a rock star.

The screen heart-throb, whose new film Speed is at No. 3 in Britain, is negotiating with three major record companies who all want to turn his band Dogstar into the latest teen sensation.

They believe that with Keanu as front man the four-piece outfit can't fail to become a world-wide hit.

The 30-year-old actor played only his third gig with the Los Angeles-based band last week and immediately received calls from Sony, Polygram and WEA.


Keanu plays bass but is lead singer on some of their numbers.

An insider of one of the labels tells me: "The band will almost certainly get extremely lucrative deal but they will be under pressure to make Keanu the lead singer.

"Having a Hollywood heart-throb as the front man will guarantee support from millions of teenage girls. The band are genuinely talented. They have the style of an updated Clash.

"We are keen to sign them up but we know they have already been in touch with at least two other major companies.

"It's a real race to see who can sign them up first." The band's gig at the Troubadour club in West Hollywood was meant to be low-key but as Keanu left the stage he was mobbed by fans.

The deal will make Keanu the first big name actor to become a serious rock star.

The insider adds: "There have been plenty of singers who've landed acting jobs like Sting and Bowie but it's never worked the other way.

"Bruce Willis gave it a go but wasn't exactly a massive hit.

"Keanu is extremely keen to make a serious success of Dogstar - be wants to top the charts.

"He sees no reason why the two careers can't run hand in hand."

Dogstar write their own material but also play excellent cover versions of numbers like The Jam's Modern World.

But Keanu will have to fit his new role as rock star around his acting commitments.

Earlier this month he signed a three-year deal with 20th Century Fox which gives them first refusal on any project Keanu does with his management company 3 Arts Entertainment.

He is set to start work soon on the romantic comedy A Walk In The Clouds.

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