Winnipeg Free Press (Ca), December 10, 1994

Starstruck Fans Can Believe It: Keanu Really is To be At MTC

by Kevin Prokosh

They stood in the cold outside the Manitoba Theatre Centre yesterday clutching a copy of Hamlet and waiting for their hero. "We're like stalkers,"said Nikki Lane, a nineteen year old University of Manitoba student huddled with her sister Lindsay and two other fans. "I'm kind of embarrassed to be doing this."

The object of their affections, movie star Keanu Reeves, arrived in Winnipeg yesterday - sweeping aside naysayers who refused to believe a hot film star would come to such a cold clime to perform Hamlet on stage here, starting Jan. 12.

And to do it, Reeves said, he turned down a major film offer with Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino where he would have played Pacino's hit man. But he's geared up for Hamlet. "Yeah I'm ready," he told the Free Press in an interview yesterday (to follow this article) munching on a Turtles chocolate. The 30 year old Reeves - star of the blockbuster movie Speed - landed in the city yesterday. He was met at the airport by about two dozen people, many of whom he accomodated with autographs. Then he was whisked away in a Volvo station wagon by MTC artistic director Steven Schipper.

The welcoming crowd at MTC was suprised when Schipper drove by with Reeves and stopped around the corner at a backstage entrance.

"Hey is this some drive-by Keanu Reeves?" moaned Nikki Lane. "That's just not good enough for me." However, while her sister was lamenting her bad luck, Lindsay Layne returned clutching her prized possession. She had caught up to the actor behind the theatre and showed off her Hamlet book, newly inscribed with "To Nikki & Lindsay, My best, Keanu Reeves."

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