Winnipeg Free Press (Ca), December 20, 1994


by Kevin Prokosh

Although it pains him to say it, MTC Hamlet director Lewis Baumander reports that the first week of Hamlet rehearsals have gone extraordinarily well. Baumander slipped and fell on some ice last week, injuring his pelvis and back. The 42 year old Torontonian has been receiving chiropractic care but has not missed any precious rehearsal time.

Fortunately, he has had a much smoother time with Keanu Reeves and the rest of the 22 member cast. "The only surprise is that there hasn't been a surprise," he says. "All the energy that went into the anticipation of the production is going into the doing of the production. I've staged half the play in five days. That's amazing. I hope to run through the whole play next Saturday."

And how is Reeves as he prepares for his first stage performance in years? "He fits right in," said Baumander. "There's no rust or moss growing on him. The company is coming together and there is no distinction between actors whether from L.A., or Toronto, or Winnipeg.

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