The National Enquirer (US), ~late 1994

Wild night that ended "Speed" star's life on the fast lane

by Neil Hitchens and John South

"Speed"' star Keanu Reeves was on a boozing path of self-destruction until he got a look at his own police mug shot following his arrest for drunk driving and battling with cops.

The police photo shocked Keanu - reminding him of his dad Sam Reeves, who's doing 10 years in jail for cocaine possession. It scared the actor so much, he put the brakes on his dangerous lifestyle.

Now Keanu is a health food nut, works out, drinks only occasionally and never drives when he does.

"I was headed for destruction but I didn't want to end up like my father," Keanu told a pal. "I looked at my mug shot. All I could see was my dad's face. I got my wake-up call and took it."

At the time of Keanu's arrest in May last year, the 30-year-old actor's career was taking off. He was set to make '"Speed," the action hit that rocketed him to stardom.

But Keanu wasn't dealing well with his growing fame, he was drinking too much, partying too much and driving recklessly.

In 1991 and 1992, Keanu was nabbed three times by cops for driving with a suspended license and was fined. Last year on May 1, he was driving his motorcycle recklessly in Santa Monica and got stopped by cops again.

The actor was disheveled and smelled of booze, the police report states. He tried to walk away from the scene and struggled with cops who stopped him. Two officers forced Keanu to the ground and handcuffed him, according to the report.

The star was charged with reckless driving, resisting an officer and drunk driving. He was released on bail.

The actor eventually pleaded guilty to reckless driving and the other charges were dropped. He paid a fine... and ended his partying ways.

"Keanu cut his hair and beefed up his body to portray his new clean-cut image," said an insider. "He told friends he was ready to quit his partying lifestyle and concentrate on his acting."

Keanu confided to the source:

"I've promised myself I'll never again drive drunk. What if I killed or crippled someone?

"I couldn't have lived with that. I don't want to screw up now."


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