Winnipeg Sun (Ca), January 1 (or 2) 1995


Keanu rings in '95 at local eatery

by Maureen Scoffield

Keanu's New Year's: Bella Vista party-goers hit the jackpot when Keanu Reeves and entourage showed up just after 11 p.m. and danced the night away with rock band Combo Combo. When Keanu arrived, a murmur went through the crowd, but nobody mobbed the actor (No doubt why he's venturing out without bearded diguises.) One waitress was plotting to kiss him on the cheek at midnight...but MTC's Hamlet appeared to be with a pretty young thing with long, red hair, along with his 10 pals, mostly guys.

Dressed all in black, the star of Speed didn't eat or even imbibe but looked like he knew what he was doing on the dance floor. He stayed through the midnight kissing, danced till 1:30 a.m., then blew.



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