Winnipeg Sun (Ca), January 13, 1995

Some fans left out in cold

Oh, what fools these mortals be. A discreet scalper could have picked up a cool thousand in front of the Manitoba Theatre Centre last night and still have made it home an hour before curtain.

But half a dozen hopefuls willing to spend from $200 to "anything" to catch Keanu Reeves' opening night performance in Hamlet were left out in the cold. "It's do or die," said one woman from Minneapolis who flew up yesterday with the faint hope she'd see the premiere before she flies home today.

She was one of the lucky ones, snagging a $50 ticket with 20 minutes to spare before curtain time.

Yuka Yoshimura, 27, and Mariko Kawabe, 26, who arrived from Japan on Monday, scored tickets for $100 a shot, sold tickets they held for a Jan. 20 performance and hung on to their tickets for tonight's performance and a matinee before they leave town tomorrow.

The trip was long, but a real deal for the flight attendants -- and well worth it, Yoshimura said. "We met Keanu last night and he said, 'Oh, you're crazy!'"

Among the other stage door regulars were Sandra Magdaleno and Nancy Argudo, 26-year-old students from Chicago [note: yep, our Sandra and Nanc...who are 22] who bought MTC season tickets so they can see a performance tonight [uh... they saw 3 performances!].

"I think all together we spend about $1,700 (on the trip). It's been worth it though, we saw him twice and got his autograph -- he's very sweet," Magdaleno said.

Not so lucky was Corrita Smith, a 27-year-old X-ray technician from Los Angeles who planned a week-long holiday in Winnipeg -- she loves the snow, she really does -- around Hamlet, but is still without a ticket.

"I'll be back tomorrow," she promised. But not everyone in the theatre zone was into the Hamlet scene.

"Hamlet's playing here? So he's in there as we speak?" said an excited 19-year old named Sherry.

"Where's the back door?"

Her pal Joseph was less enthused, but he had to agree Reeves was excellent in Speed.

"Yeah, Speed's wicked."

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