Toronto Globe and Mail (Ca), January 14, 1995


Signs that the star of the Manitoba Theatre Centre's Hamlet is leaving his mark on Winnipeg's streets as well as its stage:

Many teen-aged girls are lurking outside the theatre hoping for a glimpse of Keanu Reeves, but no one, including the MTC publicist, seems to know where he's staying in Winnipeg. One newspaper has a Keanu Hotline for those who spot him out in public.

Reeves fans from all over the world are flying in for this Hamlet, but the dedication prize goes to one Australian woman who managed to collar tickets to eight shows, and is spending the entire month of January in Winnipeg so she can see them.

Winnipeg is abuzz with Keanu talk, in the newspapers, on the air-waves, in restaurants, bars and hotel lobbies. So it was refreshing to find a cab driver who seemed immune to the fuss. "Hamlet," he said, "is that a concert or something?"

The sporting goods store across the street from the MTC sports a large marquee sign reading: "Keanu Reeves, we have your size."

Smithbooks stores in Winnipeg are offering counter displays of $2.99 paperback copies of Hamlet.

Outside the theatre on opening night, local disc jockey Adrian Bell was passing out free copies of Coles Notes -- Hamlet, of course.

U.S. tabloid TV shows, especially Hard Copy, have besieged the MTC with requests for video clips of Reeves as Hamlet. The MTC maintains that there are none.

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