Smash Hits (UK), January 1995

Keanu's family album!

--Who's the scrawny kid with the lank hair and the goofy grin? Why, it's none other than Keanu Reeves! He's pictured here at the tender age of eight, when being an international sex symbol and having a trend-setting hairstyle were but "twinkles" in his eye.

--Further evidence that Keanu was a "late bloomer" are provided by this shot of him in his teens. That hair! That sparrow's chest! That complete lack of swoon-inducing hunkiness!

--Mind you, looking at his scary looking mum and dad (Mr. Reeves is currently serving a ten year jail sentence for drug possession) on their wedding day, it's a wonder he ever made the transformation from ugly duckling to swan. Hope for us all yet, eh viewers?

--Father and son, like, bond over the billard table in their grooooovy trunks!


Reeves Family

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