USA Today (US), February 7, 1995

Keanu Reeves' cold fans give him warm send-off

by Jeannie Williams

Keanu Reeves did his final Hamlet Saturday in chilly Winnipeg, Canada, still sought after by fans from around the world. The number waiting numbly at the stage door actually grew as the run continued, up to 150 nightly eager for a glimpse of this speedy actor.

For Saturday's cast party, a decoy was used - a strategy employed before. Another guy donned the winter hat Reeves usually wears and raced from the theater to a waiting car. Then Reeves was free to unwind with cast and crew at the theater's bar.

Next for him: Feeling Minnesota, as a drifter who falls in love with the woman his brother has just married, with first-time director Steve Begelman. Courtney Love has a bit part. This shoots in the Midwest. Then Reeves heads into a thriller - Dead Drop, directed by Andrew Davis (The Fugitive) - for which the trades say he's getting more than $7 million. Enough to keep him in ski caps.

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