Big! (UK), February 8 - 21, 1995

King Keanu

Has Keanu Reeves finally lost it? That's the question being asked in Hollywood.

Why? Because Keanu has shunned megabucks movie deals to play Shakespeare's Hamlet in the tiny Canadian town of Winnipeg.

While he could be raking in millions of dollars making another Speed-style blockbuster the eccentric actor is treading the boards at the Manitoba Theatre Centre - on a stage actor's basic wage.

Keanu's left all of Hollywood's star trappings behind. He walks to work in the snow (the temperature is minus 25), has been spotted alone in local cafes, and visits the Prairie Oyster restaurant with the rest of the cast.

Predictably the tiny town has gone Keanu crazy. All the 22,000 tickets sold out immediately and tho local press have set up a hotline asking for Keanu sightings. Keanu meanwhile has been taking it all in his stride, quietly going about his business and signing autographs whenever asked.

The only clue to Keanu's superstar status was when a massive stretch limo pulled up outside the theatre. As crowds gathered the door opened and out stepped - Keanu's Mom.

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