Extra Online (Ca), February 1995

Keanu Reeves Interview

Keanu Reeves was interviewed on location in Winnipeg, by Extra, while starring in Hamlet for the first time.

Extra: So how are things? You've been doing Hamlet three weeks?

Keanu: Yeah it's been good, fairly. I mean, it's a great part and we've got a great cast and people are doing great and the director was great and so it's working along.

Extra: He's the guy you worked with like years ago?

Keanu: Yeah, when I was eighteen I played Mercutio, in Romeo and Juliet. His name is Louis Bowman [sic], and so, yeah, we got together and did this Hamlet.

Extra: That's great, and you're about to close?

Keanu: Yeah, this is the last week.

Extra: Are you going to miss it? Would you like to have more time?

Keanu: Yeah I would. I wish we had more rehearsal, but yeah, I call it Mount Hamlet. I mean like it's the best mountain in the world to climb, it's really... uhh...it' s a lot... I'm fortunate to have it... but it is a lot.

Extra: Kenneth Branagh did Hamlet. Did he ever talk to you about the possibility? but

Keanu: No, no. He's played it four times. I saw his last one. We never really spoke about it at all. He was lucky. He got to do the whole play. We cut about an hour and a half out so I really don't feel like I'm playing the Hamlet...a kind of Hamlet or something.

Extra: That's cool man, and how has the town been?

Keanu: Oh man, the people here are amazing. I don't know how long you've been here but they're friendly.

Extra: Just got here yesterday. It seemed to be incredible! Are they like, cool with space and not following you around and the whole deal?

Keanu: Yeah. I haven't had any of that really. I met some people after the play and in restaurants and stuff...ran into you.

Extra: Exactly. Have you been to Winnipeg before?

Keanu: No I haven't.

Extra: You live in Toronto right?

Keanu: I grew up in Toronto.

Extra: So what's up next? Johnny Mnemonic is coming out soon?

Keanu: Yeah, I hope. I don't know. I mean, it's been day to day and I've been doing the post on it so who knows when it will come out.

Extra: Well, listen man, congratulations with this and I would love to be able to see it. unfortunately, I don't have tickets but it was good to see you again. Take care.

Keanu: Thanks

(They shake hands)

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