The Toronto Star (Ca), March 13, 1995

Screams & Whispers

Peek-a-nu Keanu piques People's pocket

Theatre Passe Muraille is suddenly beaucoup hot with the international media. It's not because of its forthcoming production, playwright Marty Chan's Mom, Dad, I'm Living With A White Girl, previewing tomorrow and Wednesday, opening Thursday.

Nooooo, nothing as classy as that. Rather, it has to do with certain almost-but-not-quite-nude photos of Keanu Reeves, taken from the company's 1984 production of an early Brad Fraser play, Wolfboy, a "psychological" thriller that had been produced earlier in Edmonton and Vancouver.

This "story of the growing relationship between two young men at a mental hospital," as the original press release noted, was accompanied, according to a company spokeswoman, by a photo of Reeves nude from the waist up, with a partially nude man "kneeling in front of him."

As if the glossy wasn't enough. Already, just the poster for the production has appeared in tabloids south of the boarder, says Passe Muraille spokeswoman Sally Szuster.

Needless to say, both poster and photo are now under lock and key. Passe Muraille's general manager, David Baile, admits he has been offered a "considerable" amount of money for the photo from People magazine and other tabs.

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