Entertainment Weekly (US), March 24, 1995


by Cindy Pearlman

Split decision: When is a torrid love scene with Keanu Reeves not all it should be? When he's already been puckered up. According to Reeves' A Walk in the Clouds costar Debra Messing (NYPD Blue), the night before their big sex scene, avid hockey player Reeves was high-sticked in a friendly game. "His lip was split open, and he got six stitches on the inside and outside of his mouth," says Messing, who plays Reeves' wife in the World War II romance. "It was so sad," she says. "We had to do a lot of kissing." How did Keanu endure the pain? Says Messing: "He kept telling me, 'Please don't hurt me.'" -Cindy Pearlman

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A Walk in the Clouds


A Walk in the Clouds

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