Unknown Magazine (Aus), March 1995

Hottest Man on Earth No 3 - Keanu Reeves

Prior to this year, he was best known as the goofy Ted in the Bill and Ted movies. Now, cool Keanu has become your third Hottest Man on Earth after he set hearts revving all over the world in '94's thrill-a-minute action smash Speed.

In the role of SWAT cop Jack Traven, Keanu - performing most of his own hair-raising stunts - proved himself as worthy of action-hero status as the likes of Arnie, Sly, Bruce and Mel. However, the last thing this enigmatic star wants is to be tagged an action man. Although admitting that making Speed was "good, clear fun", Keanu says, "My ambition is variety."

Keanu is certainly succeeding in playing a vast range of roles. This year, he also graced our screens as Prince Siddharta in Little Buddha and he recently passed up million-dollar movie roles to star in the theatrical production of Hamlet in his home town of Toronto, Canada.

His upcoming roles also couldn't be more different from each other. In his next film, Johnny Mnemonic, he plays a memory-stealing courier in a cyberpunk thriller (sure, Keanu, whatever!) and after that, we'll see him in A Walk In The Clouds as a soldier returning from World War II. If that's not proof enough of how hot this 30-year-old star is, how about the fact that an art school in California has created a course all about him and his vast range of movies?!

Keanu remains down-to-earth about his international success, always acting surprised when told that he is a megastar or a sex symbol. Although single, Keanu, with his unique style of speaking and goofy manner, has a huge following of both males and females and is known throughout Hollywood as an all-round nice guy. As his Speed co-star Sandra Bullock says, "I was expecting this studmuffin who was wild, but the Little Keester sits back and listens to everything!"


Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure , Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey , Speed , Little Buddha , Hamlet , Johnny Mnemonic , A Walk in the Clouds

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