The San Diego Union-Tribune (US), April 4, 1995

Public Eye

by Jeanne Beach Eigner

Compiled from staff and wire reports.

04-Apr-1995 Tuesday

Because we all know that the fate of the world rests on the issue of Keanu Reeves' sexual orientation, we feel duty bound to bring you reports from the front.

So, while Keanu's spokesman issued a statement that Keanu is a straight kinda guy -- and the rumor that he married movie mogul David Geffen in some kind of unholy rite in France is bosh -- no less a source than the April issue of Movieline magazine says that K. and D. were spotted shopping in the new Barney's department store in Los Angeles.

Article Focus:

Fake Geffen Marriage and Related, The


Fake Geffen Marriage and Related, The

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